How I Can Hackett Designs was built on a dream.  

I started I Can Hackett designs in 2017 after going back to school for website design. Leaving a career in Food Management to go back to school was an excited venture full of possibility but I was unsure of the field I would end up in. After a coding class, I realized that I could take my love for logic, computer and design and put them together in something that could help companies create a web presence to engage customers and encourage profits. What I found was that I could do more than that. I excelled in every class I took and finished my degree with honors.

Each company has it’s own set of needs and I love new challenges. While I might not have as much experience as the bigger guys, I am willing to do what it takes to satisfy the needs of each client quickly and effectively. I hope you will give me the opportunity to show you what my skill set is and how I can help you grow your company.